ARC Welder for Chrome: Download the Latest Version of the Android Emulator (UPDATED 2024)

ARC Welder is an Android emulator that comes in the form of a Google Chrome web browser extension.

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This is the easiest way to run android applications on your computer because in this way you do not have to install separate software in your PC.

Further, ARC Welder allows you to run APK files as well from your navigator quickly.

What is ARC Welder?

There are various ways that you can run android applications on your computer.

Obliviously, many people use massive software applications like Bluestacks and Nox to do this.

However, the simplest way to run Android application on PC is to get the ARC Welder Chrome extension installed on your computer and enjoy all your favourite android applications on PC.

Google Play does not offer APK files. Therefore, you will have to download the App from the Play store to your device directly.

However, you can convert any app that is available on the Google Play Store to APK format.

As a result, you can install all of them into android emulators after downloading the APK File format to your computer.

One of the most interesting features in ARC Welder emulator is that it allows you to get any type of APK file on your PC.

This application is improving day by day. Therefore, there is a wide range of compatibility list around this program.

For example, We all know that Instagram desktop version does not allow many features as the mobile App.

Therefore, you will have limited option in the Instagram like you will not be able to open the camera function in the desktop mode.

So you can install the Instagram APK File on ARC Welder and enjoy all the feature that its mobile App has.

Software Package Information

Application NameARC Welder
File Size11.83 Mb
Content Rating4+
Supported Operating SystemWindows, Linux, macOS
System RequirementWindows 7 and Above

Download ARC Welder


Follow the above download link to get the ARC Welder on Chrome Web Store.

How to Download and Install ARC Welder Chrome Extension?

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Downloading and installation process of ARC Welder is simple and straightforward.

So please follow the below steps.


Firstly, Click on the Download link on this Website.


Then, Click on “Add to Chrome” button

chrome web app store


After that, Extension downloading will begin and allow it some time to finish the downloading and installation process.

How to Use ARC Welder?


So, once you are done with the installation, you will have to click on “Launch” to open the application.


Then select a path to store the files that will be created by the App.


After that, browse the APK file to the ARC Welder emulator

arc welder android emulator home screen


Now you can set your preferred settings on this Android emulator.

settings cutomizations

For example, you can set the apps to be opened in landscape mode or portrait mode and then select the tablet mode or smartphone mode.


That’s All.

Why is ARC Welder One of the Best Android Emulator?

ARC Welder is a cross-platform application. Therefore, you can use it on many operating systems such as Google Chrome for Windows, Linux, OS X, macOS, etc.

This android emulator lets you enjoy almost all the features of an android smartphone or tablet on your PC by making your computer a virtual android device.

Due to the ease of use of this App, many professional users use this tool to test android apps.

So they can have a complete look on an app and evaluate any run time bug errors and other issues if there are any before they go alive.

Because, ARC Welder helps them to test different types of android apps and games that come in the APK format in various sizes of screens and other configurations.

Further, intuitive menus, simple interface, virtual buttons, and refined animations of this emulator makes it much easier to operate the application.

In addition to that, you can have multitasking features, web browsing, notification capabilities and many more.

Also, you can use your computer mouse and keyboard to navigate through the App like a pro.

So, you can have a complete Android experience on your PC with all those functions and features.

Some of the best alternative applications to ARC Welder would be Genymotion or Vysor Android Control for PC that offers a similar set of features.

ARC Welder Features (Review)

ARC Welder is one of the most popular android emulators because of its simplicity.

So that, anyone can use this awesome tool to run android apps on their PC without any complication.

Further, one of the exciting things in this App is that it is totally free to download and use.

Therefore, you will not have to pay for paid android emulator versions and yet enjoy all the features in premium emulators.

Further, there are millions of different apps and programs that are not available in Google Play Store.

So, you can have them all as long as you have the ARC Welder Android emulator.

More importantly, this emulator works so fast that there will not be any lagging or crashing issues while you are running an APK file.

In addition to that, all the options of this emulator centralized into a single panel.

Therefore, it is so easy to operate and navigate through ARC Welder in a few seconds.

Moreover, this application works well with Google’s operating system as well as it can open Google applications by default.

However, there could be apps where they do not work with android emulators, and therefore, you might not be able to get them on ARC Welder.

The developers of this App does not release regular updates so that you will have to wait for some time to get new updates.

As a result, there could be rare situations where some of the new apps might not work on the emulator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i get arc welder on chromebook?

Yes. you can get it on Chromebook

Is ARC Welder app safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use and it is a verified app in Chrome web app store

Is ARC Welder free?

Yes, this android emulator is totally free to download and use

How to get ARC Welder App from Chrome Web Store?

search the name of the app and click on “Add to Chrome” then it will be added to your chrome extensions list

How to fix ARC Welder not working issue?

You might have to update the application or try to re-install to fix the issue

How to fix ARC Welder APK not loading issue?

Try to restart your computer and if not re-install the extension

Where does ARC Welder store files?

It stores all the files on the folder path you selected

What is the ARC Welder compatible apps list?

it support for almost all the types of android apk files

How to avoid ARC Welder download interrupt issue?

You have to make sure that your internet connection is stable. Further try to add the extension again

Can i get ARC Welder for Windows 10?

Yes, you can get ARC Welder on Windows 10 operating system