Eyespy247 HDSD: networked surveillance camera

surveillance camera

Getting the camera working took a lot of effort.

This surveillance camera is designed for use indoors where it can record footage by day or at night.

It can be monitored online from anywhere in the world using a secure website.

Unlike previous versions, this new model records video in high definition to make it easier to see what’s going on.

Getting the camera working took a lot of work and the software provided wasn’t much help.

The software on the CD was unclear, with applications for monitoring footage, installing the camera and more.

How to Do the Setup and Installation?

The setup instructions supplied on the CD were for a different model and were filled with confusing jargon, and in the box was a small piece of paper with some limited instructions.

While there is a simple process for installing the camera, when this went wrong we had little choice but to do everything manually.

We contacted Eyespy’s technical support department, which talked us through the process very well, but it was far from ‘plug and play’.

The main draw is the online service: it comes with 20MB of online storage space as part of a trial account with limited options, but the company is currently including a free year’s subscription to the service (worth £25) for all new customers.

The online portal, accessed through a web browser, can send SMS text messages, email alerts, schedule recordings and set up mobile access.

Email alerts and text messages are sent when the camera detects motion, with the online storage used to store recorded pictures and video clips.

The service is comprehensive and very well done, with lots of different ways to monitor the footage from the camera.

The website worked well and was easy to use – once everything was set up we left the camera alone and only received alerts and messages when we wanted them.

Picture quality was good in both daylight and the night mode.

At £200 this camera is expensive, especially compared to the D-Link Wireless N Day & Night Camera, which is half the price. For the extra money, the Eyespy247 HDSD doesn’t offer enough, and the installation process got in the way of what is an excellent online interface for home surveillance.